Can Composition and Performance be Research? Critical Perspectives at City University

On Wednesday 25 November,  City University invites you to join a group of panellists to discuss the relationship between practice and research centring on John Croft’s article ‘Composition is not Research’ (Tempo, 69/272 (April 2015), pp. 6-11) and a response by City’s Head of Performance  Ian Pace. Croft called for an end to the integration of composers into existing research structures of universities, and a return to the idea of ‘research equivalence’ instead.  The December 2015 issue of Tempo will feature two articles in response, one by composer Camden Reeves, the other by City Head of Performance Ian Pace, entitled ‘Composition and Performance can be, and often have been, Research’.  There are links to a number of other responses lower in the blog.


  • Christopher Fox (Professor of Composition at Brunel University and editor of Tempo)
  • Ian Pace (pianist and Lecturer in Music at City University)
  • Miguel Mera (composer and Head of the Department of Music at City University)
  • Annie Yim (pianist and DMA student at City University)
  • Christine Dysers (PhD student in Music at City University)
  • Camden Reeves (composer and Head of Music, University of Manchester)


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